Fee G Spring Summer


Fee G was founded by Fiona Heaney and Don Gormley in 2003, in Dublin. Combining their names ‘fee & G’, along with their skills a new label was born. An Irish Brand with a big heart and its core value that is #createdwithlove.


Fiona Heaney is an award winning fashion designer. Fiona had a vision to create beautiful garments for the boutique market for women to wear and enjoy. She has a love of colour and bold print which is evident in the collection. Fiona loves to uses embroidery and embellishment her designs and every piece of the collection is designed in her Dublin studio. Each piece is beautifully made applying expert craftsmanship, overseen by Fiona and her team, delivering quality pieces that you’ll wear over and over again.

The fee G collections have a distinct handwriting that combines Fiona’s signature with striking colours, bold prints and is much loved by returning customers. Each season the brand delivers great shapes in a quality that is designed to be treasured. At fee G we want to empower and inspire a confident femininity for the wearer, feeling their very best.


At fee G we are aware that times are changing and as the world wakes up to the importance of preserving our planet and taking care of everything that lives on it, we understand as a business we have a duty of care. We believe that the clothes you wear can make the difference between a good and a bad day but that can’t be at the detriment of our beautiful earth.

We believe fashion should feel good and that looking good shouldn’t be complicated. Luxury can be affordable and little details make all the difference.

The experience of fee G and DAY x fee G goes beyond the garment and we want to bring you on that journey with us.


At fee G we’re committed to being a responsible fashion brand and strive to do more to achieve this with every collection. Our design teams work hard to source sustainable fabrics, for example, our ethically-sourced silk and organic cotton. We work with sustainable factories to consciously create keep-forever pieces that won’t end up in landfill and cause harm to our planet. We are constantly learning and improving our methods, always moving towards a more sustainable company.

Our eCommerce boxes and tissue are fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Please reuse or dispose of them responsibly. The tape on your box is recyclable. Please remove it from the box and dispose of it responsibly.