Spring Summer 22 Collection

SS 22 Collection

“Billowy dresses, whisper thin cottons and bold embroideries inject a much needed vibrancy into 2022.

Let the lure of brighter days ahead wash over you, with pieces which are distinctly fee G, Fiona Heaney.

fee G is a collection of colourful and feminine designs. From our Dublin studio, we design with you in mind, from going to your friend’s wedding or lunch out with the girls, we have you covered. Our strengths are our attention to detail, embellishments, and bold use of colour.

Our promise is luxury. Our pledge is affordability. From our Dublin studios to the factory we manufacture in, we take pride in every fabric, print, and finish to create the finest collections.

fee G’s style is unique, fresh, and truly feminine. Within the collection lies a careful mix of colours, bold prints, and beautiful cut, combined with Fiona’s signature design. Each piece is carefully crafted with details and exquisite touches making it distinctive.

To create the fee G collection, Fiona and her team take inspiration from all their surroundings: exhibitions, readings, artwork or any kind and inspirational women through ages. Each collection evolves over time, the design team concentrating on a strong theme to become the leading thread across all creations in the design studio.

fee G is designed in our Dublin studio and manufactured with our partners is Poland, Portugal and China. In Poland we have been working with the same family owned factories since our inauguration. Trust and honesty is at the core of our work practise. For our beaded styles, we are working with a small family owned factory in China, for their skill of hand beading and embellishment.

Each season we attend the international fabric fairs in Paris and Milan, where we look for new development of fabrics that are sustainable and regenerative such as eco sustainable viscose and recycled fabrics. It’s important to us to know where and how our fabrics are made and dyed.

At fee G we are aware that times are changing and as the world wakes up to the importance of preserving our planet and taking care of everything that lives on it, we understand as a business we have a duty of care. We believe that the clothes you wear can make the difference between a good and a bad day but that can’t be at the detriment of our beautiful earth.

We believe fashion should feel good and that looking good shouldn’t be complicated. Luxury can be affordable and little details make all the difference.

At fee G we want to ensure we tread softly and contribute positively to the world in which we live. We are constantly learning and planning for new and better ways to do this. We are improving every day, making our business practice more sustainable and are weaving a collective future into our brand and community.

We are on a journey towards making our styles more sustainable, using sustainably sourced fabrics and some that use recycled fibres.